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TEMPORARY SHIPPING UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 mandatory government restrictions product ship dates may be slower than normal

Blog: Inspiration Between the Lines

Remind Clients of Your Value as Their Photographer

The pandemic is making it difficult for photographers to do business. From cancelled shoots and increasingly cost-conscious clients to staying safe and maintaining social distancing during the few shoots that do move forward, you are navigating turbulent times to be an independent professional.

While your focus will most certainly be on securing new business, don’t forget to maintain the relationships you already have—even if they’re on hold for the time being.


Send a Photo Book

Ongoing work is the key to succeeding as a freelancer. Many photographers make a large portion of their income from a small pool of clients who keep coming back. Engage your past clients during this downtime by sending them a photo book of your work. It’s a polite, professional and memorable way to say, “I’m here when you’re ready to do your next shoot.”


Business & Pleasure

Sending a photo book to a client is primarily a tactic to remain top of mind—but it won’t come off so salesy, thanks to the visual art of photography. Fill your photo book with your best work, including personal projects and other commercial projects aside from the images you have supplied to that client. Think of it more as a gift than a marketing ploy.


Try Our Online Photo Book Maker

At Shop Duggal, you can create a professional photo with a coated gloss cover, the lamination of your choice, and lustre photo paper inside. We have one of the easiest online photo book creators you’ll find and offer a 30% discount when you order 9 photo books or more. Pricing starts at just $35.40 per photo book. That $35 you spend on marketing to a client could later be regained many times over with a single assignment.

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