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Lightjet Photo Prints vs. HD Photo Prints (No Wrong Choice)

Shop Duggal offers many different types of photo prints for you to bring your best work and favorite imagery to life like a pro. Two of our most popular picks are Lightjet and high-definition photo prints. In this article, we take a quick glance at the similarities and differences between the two.


Lightjet Photo Prints: Setting the Standard

Our Lightjet Digital C photo prints have long been beloved by photographers who choose legendary NYC photo lab Duggal Visual Solutions to serve as their go-to printer. They are also widely used among Duggal’s corporate clientele. If you’re looking for a simple, yet spectacular solution to printing your imagery at top quality and affordable prices, Lightjet photo prints will meet and exceed your expectations.

These continuous-tone, true photographic prints are exposed digitally with lasers for exceptionally sharp image detail at resolution up to 4,000 dpi and in sizes up to 48” x 96”.


HD Photo Prints: Raising the Bar

Nothing compares to the outstanding quality of true continuous tone photographic prints on archival papers. Duggal has been a pioneer in photographic printing for decades, and we are constantly innovating. Duggal’s revolutionary HD C-Prints® have an astounding 6,100 apparent dpi, more than twice the resolution of standard photographic prints. With added color gamut and density, these prints are truly premium. 

Utilizing equipment shared by the military for high resolution photographic observation, the sharpness and unrivaled resolution in HD C-Prints immerse viewers in stunning color and definition. See the Difference You Have Been Missing™.

Save 25% on Lightjet and HD Photo Prints

Great news: no matter which option you choose—Lighjet, HD or both—you receive 25% off your order when you spend $25. Order now and enter code WFH25 at checkout.

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