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TEMPORARY SHIPPING UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 mandatory government restrictions product ship dates may be slower than normal

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Best Quarantine Activities: Making a Photography Portfolio

As a photographer, people hire you based on your past work. Even when your pricing is competitive and your personality is warm, your portfolio is pivotal.

It can be difficult to build your portfolio amid COVID-19 due to travel restrictions and economic conditions—but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the downtime productively. Is your portfolio organized and up to date? If not, portfolio creation is one of the best quarantine activities to keep your business and brand moving forward through the pandemic.

Quick Tips for a Fantastic Photography Portfolio

  • Show Your Versatility – With more time on your hands, you can be meticulous and thoughtful in gathering a large sampling of your work. Even if you mainly market yourself for one type of photography, consider branching out to pursue other opportunities, knowing that gigs can be hard to come by for the time being.
  • Brand Your Business – In addition to perfecting your portfolio image by image, consider the whole. A portfolio is a reflection of your brand, and one that should include your logo, design elements, and creative flair. Don’t forget to include your contact info.
  • Seek Input – A word of advice for any entrepreneur in any business is to seek perspectives from others. In the age of the videoconference, you can easily receive face-to-face feedback from your friends, family members and colleagues. Ask them which photos they like best, what they think might be missing, and how they feel about the design of your portfolio overall. 
  • Include Testimonials – A picture is worth a thousand words, and a testimonial is every bit as valuable in its own right. Sprinkle rave reviews from your past clients throughout your portfolio to provide “social proof” that you are not only a great photographer, but also a joy to work with.

A Physical Portfolio is Gold

An online photography portfolio is absolutely essential. A physical portfolio can be a great marketing asset, too. Even in the digital age (and perhaps even more so), there is no replacement for a photographic print, on photographic paper, with the traditional photographic method. Use Shop Duggal’s professional photo book as a medium to create a classic portfolio that you can carry anywhere. Compile your photos and design your portfolio completely online. Submit your order, and we’ll deliver it to your door! Stay safe and get started today.

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