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What Are Giclee Prints?

“Giclee printing” is a term that was coined in the early 1990s, referring to an archival approach to digital printing. What exactly is giclee printing and when are giclee prints used? Read on to learn more.

A Different Approach to Fine Art Printing

In most cases, giclee printing simply refers to fine art printing with an inkjet printer. The main difference between this and standard digital prints is the intentional use of higher-end technologies, such as fade-resistant dyes and pigment-based dyes, allowing for certain elements to emerge with more visual emphasis.

For example, a giclee print may very well use the CMYK color wheel, as do most standard inkjet printers. But, giclee prints will incorporate additional cartridges to make the colors more accurate and cover a broader spectrum.

Giclee Prints for a High-End Appearance

It’s uncommon to see giclee prints produced in high volume. In fact, giclee prints are one of the rare cases in which you want to be very intentional with your print run. Due to the added costs caused by the rarity of the inks and pigments used, you often find the giclee print process applied for the singular piece that’s going to hang in the museum, or above the master bedroom at home. If you’re an artist looking to sell giclee prints, you might consider labeling them “limited edition giclee prints” to let people know that the prints are rare and high-quality.

Fine Art and Giclee Printing at Duggal

It can be difficult to source the unique pigments, paper and printer to create a fine art giclee print. Fortunately, Duggal has the expertise, materials and equipment to make sure every final detail in your giclee print has been thoughtfully considered. Speak with one of our experts today to discuss turning your photography or artwork into beautiful, timeless giclee prints.

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